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BIOCERA Vita Body Talk Fruit Shower Filter

Do You Know That...

Your back acne may be caused by ‘Chlorine’

The oxidative power of residual chlorine can quickly destroy vitamin C and reduce enzyme activities in the body. Dermatologists had pointed out that showering with tap water can cause those suffering from atopic dermatitis to deteriorate further. Warm water showering too can widen the skin pores making it easier to absorb residual chlorine. Skin can turn sensitive in the form of dryness, rashes and itching.

Chlorinated tap water is not as safe as you think

According to a study published by the American Chemical Society, “showering with water containing hazardous substances is more dangerous than drinking it.” Carcinogenicity increases by 3 to 4 times during the shower as chlorine is absorbed through skin and inhalation when bathing in an enclosed space such as the bathroom.

Chlorinated water affects eczema

Some people with eczema may experience irritant dermatitis. This can be due to the skin reacting to chlorine or to any of the other chemicals added to sanitise or alter the chemical balance of the water.

Features of

Biocera vita body talk fruit shower filter

residual chlorine

Antioxidant vitamin C moisturizes and whitens the skin

Aroma Therapy, relieves stress and ease tention

Anti bacterial anion energy effects

Fruity aroma scents

My grandchildren love them. They used to dislike showering but when I got them the Vita Body Talk, things have changed. You can hear them shouting with happiness whenever they shower nowadays. And when the scent ran out, they reminded me to get another one for them. BTW, I just purchased my second set.

Mdm Chew

My shower head was broken and I heard from my friend of this promotion. Well since an ordinary shower head would have already cost me the same price as the Vita filters which comes with the functional filter shower as a free gift, I gave it a try. I loved it so much. I feels different. Kinda feel energized and fresh, skin does feel moist and free. I booked a second set and will also tell my friends and family members.

Melvin Chung

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