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The air that you breathe is just as important as the blood that runs through your veins, Daniel Massaioli, the man behind San-Air.

True! Although we cannot manage the outdoor air, we can to improve indoor air quality.

SAN-AIR Air Purifier Gel is the answer for people who care for the air they breathe.


What is San-Air Purifier Gel?

San-Air Purifier gel is one of 70 products developed by Daniel over a period of 35 years with the main objective of improving indoor air quality especially in air conditioned areas. This product took him 12 years to come up with, using natural active ingredients, targeting mold, bacteria and COVID-19 (MHV-1 Surrogate) remediation. Independent testing showed +99% kill of bacteria & mold in both the air & surfaces*. It has also been recently proven to kill COVID-19 (MHV-1 Surrogate) through independent TGA registered laboratory*.

How does the San-Air Purifer Gel works?

Anti-microbial agents can either be biocides which kills bacteria, viruses or molds within 15 seconds of contact or biostats which can kill within 15 minutes.

All chemical microbial agents are biocides. Biocides in the process of instant killing can release mycotoxins which is another form of toxins.

San-Air is a biostat which does not cause any release of mycotoxins. When San-Air gel evaporates into the air, and comes into contact with air borne particles or surfaces, the active ingredient in San-Air causes bacteria and viruses to stop reproducing and molds to suffocate**.

It is biodegradable and environment friendly.


* Please refer to certificates attached (Please click here to know more).

** To know more on how San-Air works, please click here for FAQs.

Where do you place it?

Place in a room with the windows closed for the first 48-72 hours. The gel will evaporate into the air coming into contact with airborne mold and bacteria.
In your home, you can place it on any surface. For example – hallway tables, window sills, desk, bathroom shelf, wardrobe, next to kitchen bin, inside air-conditioning return(ducted system) or on top of a split system.
In your office, similarly, it can be placed on your desk, shelves, kitchen area, toilets, on top of split systems or inside the air-conditioning return (ducted systems).

No more worrying about:

  • Musty smells
  • Mould
  • Stale air

Product details

  • Lifetime: 4 – 6 weeks once opened.
  • Weight: 75 grams
  • Indoor Coverage:
    • 1 jar per household room
    • If you have access to your premise’s home air-conditioning system return air vent. You can place the jar on top of the grating and this will spread the product more thoroughly throughout your home/office.


SAN-AIR Corporate Video

Additional information


75 grams, 100 grams

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