Puritree - Natural Soaps

Puritree - Natural Soaps

MYR 22.00 MYR 22.00

- Totally soap
- Free from harmful chemicals e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate, etc
- No colouring
- Can be used on face, body as well as hair
- Great for sensitive skin, even safe for babies
- Home made

We in my9dots.com are passionate about living naturally with nature and building a like-minded community focused on the a sustainable lifestyle. One of our main focus would therefore be on eco friendly products. Puritee Natural Soaps is one of them. We have currently 4 types of soap:

1. Oatmeal - good for sensitive skin and can be used for rashes, itchy skin as well as ezema
2. Moroccan Clay - can be used on sensitive skin and makes the skin soft and silky
3. Tumeric - Good for pimples and sensitive skin. Better for the face
4. Rose bud – Antioxidant and comes with a pleasant rose scent

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