Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the main ingredients of the Puritee Natural Soaps?

The main ingredients of the Puritee Natural Soaps are Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil & Palm Oil. The rest of the ingredients e.g. herbs, essential oils, clays etc. are added on for specific purposes to enhance the soap for healthy skin.


2. Why is lye required to make soap?

Lye or Sodium Hydroxide is required to make natural soap. The chemical reaction between oils and lye, a process called saponification, will form a completely new material called soap. No lye will remain in the finished product.


3. Are Puritee Natural Soaps handmade?

Absolutely. Th is is made by a professional corporate personality turned soap maker. This is her passion and personally hand makes them. So no piece is alike. My9dots is blessed to be associated with her.


4. Does Puritee Natural Soaps contain any harmful ingredients?

No and this is guaranteed. There are no artificial dyes, perfumes nor foaming agents. Absolutely no questionable nor toxic substances added. There are also no chemical names that you cannot pronounce. Our soaps are also good for the environment.


5. Does Puritee Natural Soaps contain any animal products?

No. Definitely not. No animal oils and even the lye is plant based.


6. Since Puritee Natural Soaps is hand made, are they made from the same cooking utensils for food?

No. The soap making utensils are separate from the everyday cooking utensils.


7. Can the Puritee Natural Soaps be used on the face?

Absolutely. This is made for the face as well as the body. The soap can also be used for the hair as a substitute for shampoo.


8. Why is the soap always out of stock?

As the soaps are handmade, homemade and requires a curing period of 4 weeks, and popular, the Puritee Natural Soaps can often be out of stock. Just call us and we will be able to reserve for you once the stock arrives.


9. How can the soap lather without the addition of foaming agents?

The fluffy lather is due to the coconut oil and nothing else. The longer you keep the soap, the better it lathers.


10. How long can a bar of soap last?

If you bathe several times a day and use the soap during every bath, each bar will last you approximately 2 months. This comes to about 30sen/day for something which is so safe and good for the skin. If you just use it once a day, then a bar can last for several months. This boils down to only a few sens per day. If you use the soap to wash your hands, it can last 3 -4 months. It would however be a waste to just use such good soap on your hands.


11. Why do soaps always become soft and slimy after some time of usage?

This is the case only when the soap is in constant contact or immersed in water. Our soap comes in a gauze bag. Once you unwrap the soap from the paper covering, put the soap back into the gauze bag. It can be used together when bathing as a soap and scourer. After bathing, hang the pouch away from the shower using a hook. The clip on suction hook can be purchased from any hardware shop. If you do not like the gauze, then you can leave in a soap holder with holes so that excess water can be drained. Always store them as dry as possible in between usage


12. Why do the Puritee Natural soaps look so drab when compared with other soaps?

Why? Because everything is natural with no colouring agents at all. It is the healthy goodness that we want and not how it looks.


13. Can the Puritee Natural soaps be used on babies?

Babies below 8 months cannot synthesise essential oils. Hence, wait until they are about 1 year old before exposing them to our soap. Who knows, we may formulate soaps just for newborns. Please wait for our announcement.


14. Are the Puritee Natural soaps halal?

They are not certified halal but no animal fats or other ingredients which contain animal derived additives are used.
Types of Soaps:
1. Puritee Moroccan Ingredients: Hand made naturally from Argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, Moroccan Rhassoul Ghassoul lava clay, water, essential oil & NaOH (lye). This is for detox and an excellent facial cleaner especially for those with sensitive skin. The Moroccan clay is a high quality soothing clay sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
2. Puritee Tumeric Ingredients: Hand made naturally from Argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, turmeric, water, essential oil & NaOH (lye). This is for glowing skin, anti-inflammatory and is good for acne skin. Reduces redness and moisturizes as well.
3. Puritee Rose Bud Ingredients: Handmade naturally from Argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, rose bud powder, water, essential oil & NaOH (lye). Rose bud powder provides the fragrance, has anti-aging as well as skin rejuvenating properties.
4. Puritee Oatmeal Ingredients: Handmade naturally from Argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, oat meal & essential oil. Anyone who has had chicken pox, a bug bite or very dry skin knows that the urge to scratch can often be worse than the itch itself. In ground form, oatmeal can help to alleviate the itch and its accompanying swelling as well as the desire to itch.

1. Can the cream be applied by both males and females?

Yes. Both gender can apply the cream. As the cream when massaged can cause lifting the face as well as well as the breasts, it is suggested that male users do not massage on their breasts.


2. Can this be applied on the face?

No. This is a cream that can only be applied on the body and not on the face.

3. Can I get adverse reactions from using LumiGlow®?

For people with a high toxin level in the body, the use of LumiGlow® may stimulate the body to rid toxins. If the toxins cannot be expelled fast enough from the body, then it may be expelled through the skin and appear in the form of rashes, allergies or sometimes eruptions. In such a case drink a lot of water to assist in flushing the toxins.

4. What if the reactions persist?

If you experience any persistent reactions for more than a week, stop application and consult a doctor.

5. Can pregnant and nursing mothers apply the LumiGlow® cream?

This cream is not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers.

6. Does this cream contain steroids or any banned substances?

Absolutely not. This does not contain any steroids nor banned substances. This product has been issued with a MAL Notification by the Ministry of Health.


7. Is this product halal?

Yes. This is halal certified by Jakim.

1. Can the Veo Nanotechnology Bamboo Charcoal Headgear this be worn by anybody?

Yes. Absolutely, as the Veo Nanotechnology Bamboo Charcoal Headgear is beneficial as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and deodorizing headgear which enables the scalp to breathe. In this regard, all gender can benefit from wearing it. As it is also thermal-regulating (ensures you feel cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather), it is excellent for those who uses a helmet e.g. bikers, cyclists etc. Due to the same reason, some also wear this headgear to bed at night.

2. Does the headgear come in different colours?

No. The yarn is naturally grey in colour and we do not believe in bleaching or dyeing.

1. Is COLLASTIN™ similar to the other collagen products in the market?

We select only the best, natural ingredients for COLLASTIN™.
Collactive™ is the clinically proven marine actives extracted from wild Cod fish of the Northern Atlantic sea. Researched and manufactured by Copalis, France, Collactive™ comprises low molecular marine collagen and elastin peptides in the same ratio as in the skin dermis, 94% and 6% respectively. It is highly bioavailable and delivers fast beautifying results to the skin due to its anti-wrinkle and anti-UV properties.
COLLASTIN™ is enhanced with patented rose petal extract from Japan, patented KOHJIN Glutathione, grape OPC, plant hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other natural antioxidant berrys’ essence providing 8 super anti-ageing properties to your skin. Together, these ingredients whiten and rehydrate the skin as well as suppress pigmentation through its liver detoxifying properties.
COLLASTIN™ also inhibits the natural degradation of collagen in the dermis, allowing optimal results to be achieved to reverse or delay skin aging.

2. Is 2,000 mg (2 g) an effective dosage to be consumed daily compared to higher dosages, e.g. 8,000 mg or 10,000 mg?

Collactive™ comprises 94% collagen and 6% elastin peptides, which is the exact ratio in our skin dermis. Collactive™ is the first and only collagen in the world that is in this ratio. Human clinical findings also confirmed that a daily dosage of 2,000 mg significantly improved skin texture, moisture and reduced the number of deep wrinkles.
Unlike other collagen ingredients that may require high dosages to achieve desirable results, with COLLASTIN™, you only need 2,000 mg a day to experience an immediate difference to your skin texture.

3. Does COLLASTIN™ use artificial flavourings or colourings in its formulation?

Absolutely no. None of the flavourings and colourings in COLLASTIN™ are artificial. COLLASTIN™ uses only natural fruits berrys’ powder. The colour and natural flavour of COLLASTIN™ originate from red rose petal extract, red grape extract, red beet root, as well as mixed berries juice. COLLASTIN™ is 100% natural!

4. Can COLLASTIN™ be consumed by the Muslims?

All the ingredients used in COLLASTIN™ are halal, and we are in the midst of applying for JAKIM HALAL certification. COLLASTIN™ uses only plant ingredients and the active compounds from wild Cod fish from the Northern Atlantic sea.

5. Will COLLASTIN™ cause weight gain or an increase in appetite in the long run?

No. A serving of COLLASTIN™ only contains 22.2 kcal. In order to gain an extra pound, you need to consume 3500 kcal extra in addition to your daily energy requirement/intake. COLLASTIN™ does not cause weight gain issues.

6. Is COLLASTIN™ better than bird’s nest in maintaining skin suppleness?

Yes. Apart from the collagen and elastin peptides that do the magic to our skin, COLLASTIN™ serves as a super antioxidant booster. The glutathione in COLLASTIN™ provides high levels of antioxidant protection by scavenging the free radicals and toxins in the body. COLLASTIN™ also shields the skin from UV damage while preventing the skin collagen structure from oxidative degradation. COLLASTIN™ improves skin moisture and suppleness with its unique formulation containing plant hyaluronic acid.

7. Can COLLASTIN™ be consumed by people who are allergic to seafood?

If you are allergic to Cod fish, you may want to consult your doctor before consuming COLLASTIN™. Other than that, COLLASTIN™ does not contain any other allergens and is 100% natural.

8. How does COLLASTIN™ work to protect skin from free radicals or UV radiation?

COLLASTIN™ contains powerful rose polyphenol, glutathione, grape OPC and vitamin C. These powerful antioxidants neutralise free radicals and toxins. The antioxidants also serve as an internal sunscreen that forms a shield to our skin to protect against UV damage and increases your skin’s resistance to UV exposure. COLLASTIN™ provides extra protection to complement the application of external sunscreen during hot sunny days.


9. How does COLLASTIN™ helps in skin whitening and to suppress in suppressing hyperpigmentation?

COLLASTIN™ contains 2 key signature ingredients which are patented rose petal extract and patented glutathione, researched and manufactured by KOHJIN Lifesciences Japan, a leading Japanese manufacturer of reduced L-glutathione since 1968. These superior ingredients are great skin protectors to inhibit melanin production, thus protecting the skin from UV damage giving you fairer skin.

10. How does COLLASTIN™ detoxify the liver?

KOHJIN Gluhathione is the ingredient that plays a key role in the liver detoxification reactions and in regulating the thiol-disulfide status of the cells. Glutathione is a triple threat to toxins. It neutralises free radicals, enhances the immune system and detoxifies the liver.

11. Why is improved nutrients delivery an important function of COLLASTIN™ ?

This is to ensure that the key nutrients in COLLASTIN™ could can be delivered more efficiently to the targeted skin cells for greater absorption.


12. Will my skin age faster after stopping COLLASTIN™ consumption?

No. However, the normal ageing process may take place once you stop consuming COLLASTIN™. Compared to other organs of the body, the skin starts to age when we reach 21. Therefore, taking care of our skin is a lifelong practice. Besides health supplementation, choosing the right skincare products for your skin is also very crucial to ensure a youthful skin.


13. When should I start taking COLLASTIN™ ?

While humans start to age at 35, natural skin ageing begins much earlier at our mid-20s. According to Dr Andrew Wright, a consultant dermatologist with Bradford NHS Trust, as we age the production of collagen that gives the skin elasticity slows and elastin tissues become less springy and easily breaks. The rate of cellular renewal also starts to decline. This is evident with the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin, which could be accelerated by sun damage and/or oxidative stress. Supplementation with COLLASTIN™ definitely replenishes the daily loss of collagen and elastin as it contains the exact ratio of 94% to 6%, respectively, as of the skin dermis.

1. Why is Zembren considered a natural stress fighter?

Sceletium tortuosum is an indigenous cactus plant grown in South Africa where it has been used for 300 years to elevate mood, reduce stress and promote feelings of relxation. It has also been used to target neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.
This plant extract has been patented under the name of Zembrin, the world’s only patented and clinically proven standardised extract representing the full, unaltered phytochemical profile of the plant.
In Malaysia, Zembrin is being sold under the brand name of Zembren. Each capsule of Zembren contains the full clinical dosage (25mg) of Zembrin. This is the first Zembrin product approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. That is why Zembren is considered a natural stress fighter.

2. Can we be addicted to Zembrin?

This has been clinically studied to be non-habit forming and well tolerated. It has a self-affirmed Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) status in the USA.

3. Does Zembrin causes drowsiness?

No. This does not cause drowsiness but if taken in the morning can quickily calm your mind and in fact promotes better sleep quality

1. What are the features of the Biocera Laundry Ball?

i. No or little detergents/softeners are required. Cost- savings.
ii. Does not lather, hence you can reduce the number of rinses. Cost savings in terms of water and electricity consumption.
iii. This eco friendly product does not create dirt buildup in the washing machine and hence you do not need to clean your washing machine.
iv. Excellent for people with sensitive skin and children as the Biocera Laundry Balls do not have residues as compared with detergents.
v. Suppresses the generation of static electricity during washing
vi. It has super deodorising effect and is anti-bacterial.

2. Why do we use the Biocera Laundry Balls for our laundry instead of detergent?

Clothes will be washed free from chemicals and will come out clean without the use of toxic detergents. Detergents are often non-biodegradable and would pollute our seas and oceans.

3. How can the Biocera Laundry Balls clean the laundry?

The ceramic beads in the Biocera Laundry Balls emits Far Infra Red Rays and generates negative ions. The rays minimize the water cluster size and the negative ions lower the surface tensile strength. This enhances the smaller water clusters to penetrate the fabric and loosen the dirt. The active energy generated by the ceramic balls during washing can eliminate bacteria and odour. These are the added functions of the Biocera Laundry Balls.

4. Do we need to add detergent to our laundry when we are using the Biocera Laundry Balls?

The Biocera Laundry Balls have the similar ability of detergents to clean and soften clothes. Hence, there is no need to add in detergents. However, if the clothes are oily or badly stained, you may wish to soak them in water together with the Biocera Laundry Balls in the washing machine before commencing with the washing. You may also wish to add in some biodegradable detergent in the wash as an added measure.

5. Is it effective in cleaning all types of dirt on clothes?

Biocera Laundry Balls is as effective as detergents in cleaning laundry. Similarly, certain contamination e.g. dirty collar, ball pen ink, protein contamination like blood stains will require enzyme detergents. White coloured clothes that are easily tinged with yellow will also need a little bleach sometimes. In this regard, do add an enzyme detergent to the wash and let the Biocera laundry Balls do the rest of the job.


6. Can the Biocera Laundry balls be used in hot water?

Yes. The Biocera Laundry Balls works better in warm water but the water temperature must be lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, to avoid the Laundry Balls changing shape. The Biocera Laundry Balls cannot be used in the dryer.


7. How do we prolong the effectiveness of the Biocera Laundry Balls?

To prolong the effectiveness of the Laundry Balls, have then placed under direct sunlight for at least an hour once a month.


8. Does the Biocera Laundry Ball contain fragrance?

Yes and no. The blue coloured Biocera Laundry Balls do not contain fragrance but the yellow coloured ones does. They contain natural jasmine fragrance and hence will fade off naturally after some time of usage.

9. Will the Biocera Laundry Balls discolour clothes?

The Biocera Laundry Balls will not discolour clothes nor does it damage fabrics. However for those clothes that discolours easily, do not add into the wash. These should be washed separately.

10. How many Biocera Laundry Balls should we use?

Two Biocera Laundry Balls are recommended. This covers washing loads of more than 7 kgs and dirty laundry. This should also cover for lesser loads.

11. How to use the Biocera Washing Balls?

Put the Biocera Laundry Balls into the washing machine together with the laundry and proceed with the wash. If the washing machine comes with a drying function, you will have to remove the Biocera Laundry Balls before you machine dry the clothes.

12. Will the Biocera Laundry Balls affect the functioning of the washing machine or even damage the machine?

No. The Biocera Laundry Balls is made from soft synthetic material which is elastic and does not provide friction. The Biocera Laundry Balls have been sold in Japan, Hong Kong , Singapore, USA and EU countries since 1997. The casing is manufactured based on International Standards.

13. How do I recycle used Biocera Laundry Balls?

After the 1000 washes, you can recyclye by putting them in the bathroom water closet (WC) or fish tank. This can prevent dirt or moss buildup. This can also be used as children’s or pet’s playball as well as a deodoriser for the refrigerator.

1. What water do we require to fill into the Mist bottle?

Only use Reverse Osmosis Water or Distilled Water. These can be bought from the Convenience Stores. One bottle can be used for a long time.

2. Can we use Biocera Alkaline Antioxidant Water for the Mist?

No. Biocera water contains a high level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) which may cause blockage problem. The minerals in the Biocera water may also cause the water to emit a bad odour. Normal tap water well as normal filtered water is also not encouraged.


3. What do we do when the Mist does not work i.e. the nozzle is blocked?

Remove the nozzle from the bottle. Soak in a solution of vinegar and water for a few hours, wash the nozzle and recap. The vinegar solution will dissolve any minerals caught in the nozzle.

1. What are the features of the BCW 500?

i. Changes polluted tap water to antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water.
ii. Supplies more than 30 types of trace minerals such as Ca, K, Na, Mg etc.
iii. Softens the taste of water and makes fast absorption into our body as the water molecule clusters are smaller. Normal water molecules cluster in groups of 11 – 16 molecules. The Biocera water has been ionized to break large molecules in a process called micro-clustering. This reduces water clusters into groups of 5 -6.

2. Do we require electrical supply to power the system?

No, the BCW 500 system can be connected directly to the tap without the use of electricity. Eco and cost savings.

3. What are the filters that are used for the BCW500 and the frequency of replacement?

4 filters are used for the BCW 500 namely:
Sediment + carbon block filter
This filter completely removes impurities, small organic matters, oxidized substances such as rust, dirt, sand and chlorine.
Lifespan : around 6 months if the water quality is no good. Up to 9 months if water quality is better.
UF Filter
This filter has 0.01 to 0.001 micron holes and they filter impurities, bacteria and dust particles but leaves essential minerals.
Lifespan : 12 months
Biocera antioxidant alkaline water filter
The filter changes water into antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water
Lifespan : 12 – 18 months
Bio post carbon filter
Removes residual impurities and smell. The far infrared ceramic balls helps to detoxify the body and accelerates metabolism.
Lifespan : 9 – 12 months


4. How do we replace the filters?

i. Place the system on its back.
ii. Use a coin or knife to lift up the flap.
iii. Choose the relevant filter that is required to be changed
iv. Twist the knob at the top to ‘Open’. Lift up and pull out the filter.
v. Replace. Turn back the knob and push back to original position.
vi. Put the flap back into position. Make sure you hear a ‘click’ sound.
vii. Place the system back in the vertical position.

5. Why is the system expensive?

There is no other system which can be cheaper than BCW500 which can provide antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water at such a price. It costs approximately RM8/day for unlimited usage of the water during the first year of investment. From the second year onwards and assuming that you only need to change the 1st, 2nd and 3rd filters, then it goes down to only RM1/day for water full of goodness.

1. What is the capacity of the bottle?

The bottle has a full capacity of 500 milliliters.


2. What materials are the bottle made up of?

The cap of the bottle is made of polypropylene and is breakable. The body of the bottle is made of a material called BPA-Free Tritan™. Tritan™ is not only a BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain BPS (bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols. It is also free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free). Tritan™ retains its color and gloss even after hundreds of washing and is also dishwasher safe.


3. Can the bottle withstand hot and cold water?

You can fill the bottle with boiling water or leave the bottle in the fridge. It is however not advisable to put the bottle in the freezer as the filter ring could deform, resulting in water leakage. Boiling water is also not encouraged as the cover seal may drop out due to expansion.


4. How do I clean the bottle?

Occasionally or when water becomes murky or have white precipitates, do clean the bottle. Put 2 spoonfuls (about 20cc) of vinegar inside the bottle and enough water to fully submerge the filter. Close the lid and shake multiple times. Then flush out the solution and refill with drinking water.

5. How does the A.H.A water stand when compared with tap water?

Tests on 500 ml of A.H.A water as well as a similar amount of tap water, conducted by the Biocera Daesung Ceramic R & D Center in Korea indicated the following:
Tap water (Korea): 7.3 pH, 550 mV (ORP), 108 ppm (TDS)
A.H.A water 9.27 pH,  -88 mV (ORP), 130 ppm (TDS), 96 ppb (H2)
i. ORP, or Redox Potential, is a measurement of the water’s ability to oxidize contaminants. The higher the ORP, the greater the number of oxidizing agents. In generalized terms for humans, a higher ORP is better for outside of the body, while a lower ORP is preferred for consumption due to the high anti-oxidant value.
ii. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). In the case of the Biocera water, the higher reading is due to the presence of higher levels of minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium etc.
iii. Hydrogen rich water is a powerful antioxidant moping up free radicals.

6. How often do we change the filter?

If tap water is used to fill the bottle, the filter needs to be changed every 6 months. If filtered water is used then the lifespan of the filter can be extended to 12 months assuming 1.5 liters is consumed a day.

7. How do we change the filter?

i. Open the bottom cap by rotating it clockwise.
ii. Replace the used filter with a new one.
iii. Close the bottom cap by rotating it counterclockwise (secure the cap fully to prevent leakage).
iv. Do not remove the bottom cap unless filter replacement is necessary.

8. Why is the bottle expensive?

To be able to consume healthy water which is antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water, the price is cheap. At RM399 initial investment, it only costs RM1/day for 1.5 liters of water. From the second year onwards, the cost goes down to RM0.48 sen per day.


9. Why must we keep the bottle filled with water all the time?

Once the bottle is opened for use, try to fill the bottle or at least submerge the filter at all times. This is to prevent exposure of the ceramics in the filter to the air causing bacterial formation.

1. What do we do when we first purchase the jug?

Place the filter in the jug, add water and soak for 1/2 hour before actual use. This is to remove excess carbon residues in the filter.

2. How long can the water remain alkaline after filtration?

The water can remain alkaline even after 6 – 7 hours after filtration. We have tested water that have been left overnight and still found them to be alkaline. Alkaline water from other systems have been tested and most lose their alkalinity less than an hour after filtration.

3. Why is it that after usage, we notice white deposits on the lid as well as on the spout of the jug?

This is due to the hard water that is prevalent in our water. After some time of usage, calcium carbonate or lime scale from the hard water gets deposited on the edges of the jug. This is of no concern. Just soak the jug or in a solution of either vinegar with water or scale remover. This can be bought from hardware shops. Soak them for a while and the calcium carbonate will dissolve. Wash thoroughly before using again.

4. What type of water should we use for the Biocera jug?

As our piped water has a lot of sediments, it will normally clog up the filter. This can slow down the filtration process. We suggest using filtered water instead of water direct from the tap.

5. What is the lifespan of the filter?

As a rule of thumb, we request the user to change the filter every 6 months. This is if you use water direct from the tap. If you use filtered water, the lifespan can be increased from 9 months to a year.

6. Why is the Biocera jug costly?

Drinking normal water which can lead to poor health can be even more costly. For a capital investment of RM399 which can last a whole life time, alkaline, anti-oxidant water is within your reach for only RM1.65/day for the first 6 months. This will drop to RM0.75sen/day when only a filter change is required. Drinking a glass of water in a restaurant would have caused you at least one ringgit.

7. Can we add boiling water to the jug?

This is not recommended. Warm water is permissible.

1. Under what normal temperatures can the Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter be used?

The Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter can be used from 8oC till approximately 52oC meaning cold to hot water.

2. How long can the Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter last?

The Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter can last around 7,200l or 1,900gals of water running through it or 4 to 5 months of usage before it needs to be replaced. Another good indicator is when the vitamin gel turns transparent.

3. How do you install the Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter?

Simple. There are 2 ways you can do it:
i. Installing at showerhead
Separate current showerhead from the hose, then connect the Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter to the showerhead at the top and the hose at the bottom.
This normally applies to those shower heads attached to water heaters.
ii. Installing at lower faucet
Remove the hose, connect the hose to the filter, followed by the filter to the lower faucet.

4. Can we drink the water?

Please do not drink the water.

5. Can children bathe in the Body Talk Fruit Vita Shower Filter filtered water?

Absolutely. Other than the goodness of the filtered water which can prevent eczema or rashes in children, they would love the fruity scent of the water. Who knows, children who do not like to take showers may eventually love it.

1. Must I store Blue Butterfly Pea flower powder in an air tight container after opening?

Like any product once opened it is recommended that it be stored in a container as this will ensure that there is no external contamination from such things as insects or even moisture and of course the accidental spillage.

2. If I leave Blue Butterfly Pea flower powder exposed, will the properties decline or oxidised?

Due to the process we employ, the properties will last however like all products , exposure to external contamination and moisture, may impact the product, particularly the latter given the humid climate in Malaysia.

3. What is the difference between Blue Butterfly Pea flower powder and the flower version?

Cleanliness & Convenience in a 10 gram sachet. You can bring it anywhere you want to make a cup of tea or add to any beverage or even to cook with. The Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder is very concentrated – all you need is just a little to go a long way.
For the Sundried flowers you would need to boil in hot water to extract its colour to either cook with or just to make a cup of tea. Remembering that in extremely hot water some the nutrients may be lost. Further the cleanliness of sundried flowers may be questionable.

4. Must I always dissolve Blue Butterfly Pea Flower before cooking or baking? or can I just sprinkle onto my preparation?

Yes, either way is available to you – it really depends on what you are preparing and how experimental you wish to be. It is best to dissolve a small quantity in tepid or warm water to test the amount of Blue that you want and let it rest for 20 minutes as the powder will keep continuing to dissolve.
In making a latte for example the powder is mixed with the milk when frothing to produce the blue colour before adding to the coffee. For cakes as an example, the powder can simply be sprinkled into the mixture.
In Nasi Kerabu, you can sprinkle onto the rice after you have washed them and let it rests for 15-20 minutes.

5. What is the shelf life of Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder?

2-3 years unopened in the sachet.

1. How is the powder produced?

The leaves are first of all juiced and then freeze dried in a HACCP environment to ensure efficacy of the product. This product is produced by the same manufacturer of the Blue Pea Butterfly Powder.

2. What is the weight of the Pandan Powder being sold per packet?

It comes in a 50gram compacted and vacuum pack. This is 50gms of 100% pure pandan, no additives, colouring, preservatives nor any other stuff.
3. Why is the Pandan powder so costly?
This is not costly as this is air flown from Australia. In Australia this is sold at a retail price of AUD55/pack. Further just for information, 100kgs of Pandan leaves can only produce 10kgs of the powder.

4. Why buy the powder when compared to the fresh leaves?

Buying the powder cuts down work and increases efficiency in food preparation. In the normal process, to make Pandan leaf extract, you have to get a handful of leaves, wash them, slice and then and blend to release the juices. These juices will then have to be extracted using a cheese cloth. How cumbersome and time consuming!
In the case of the powder, all you have to do is to scoop and use. So easy.

5. How do we store the Pandan powder and what is the shelf life?

Once opened the Pandan powder have to be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place away from sun light. This if properly stored can last 2 years.

6. How do we use the Pandan powder on open wounds?

The Pandan powder can be mixed with water into a paste. Apply the paste on the wound. This acts as an antiseptic , kills bacteria and prevents infection.

7. Heard that Pandan can also be used to prevent gum diseases? How can this be?

The Pandan powder can be made into a paste and then rubbed onto the gums. Leave for a while before rinsing. This not only leaves a pleasant fragrance in the mouth but will help to promote strong and healthy gums.

8. Who can drink Pandan powder tea?

The Pandan powder can be made into a tea and is safe for consumption by children as well as pregnant ladies. Excessive consumption may cause diarrhoea as it also works as a gentle laxative. Hence drinking Pandan powder tea may relieve constipation. Drinking Pandan powder tea is highly nutritive as it is high in chlorophyll and hence is a powerful antioxidant.
It is claimed that drinking Skin conditions can also be treated with Pandan leaves such as tinea versicolor. This is a fungus which discolours the skin. Drinking the juice from the leaves will be able to treat this.
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