FAQs (Puritee Stainoff)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How does Puritee Stainoff  work? 

 Puritee Stainoff comprises Tea Tree Oil, enzymes & Sodium percarbonate.  Tea Tree Oil cleans and kills germs, gets rid of fungus & molds, as well as deodorizes.  Enzymes is a catalyst and helps break down proteins like milk and blood effectively.  Sodium percarbonate softens water to make cleaning easier. These are totally eco friendly cleaning agents.


2.    Why is Puritee Stainoff considered green when it contains chemicals such as sodium percarbonate?

 No worries as sodium percarbonate is totally eco friendly, does not pollute and breaks down into oxygen, water and sodium carbonate  commonly known as plant ashes.


3.    Why do we need Puritee Stainoff when we are already using the Biocera Laundry Balls?

 Puritee Stainoff  can be used by itself to soak badly stained clothes or together with the Laundry Ball washes.  Just add a little and you will be surprised to see the results.   


4.    Will my clothes discolour if I use Puritee Stainoff  for washing?

 No.  But for clothes where the dye quality is unstable, the colour may come out.  This would apply to all cleaning agents.  So the best alternative is to separate light coloured clothes from coloured clothes when washing.


5.    Can Puritee Stainoff be used on all types of clothings?

 Puritee Stainoff absolutely does not contain any common harsh chemicals used in detergents and hence can be used on most types of materials except for wool, silk and materials, with metal dyes and metal ornaments.  This is because enzymes may attack the metal by tarnishing them as do wool and silk.


6.    How long has this been in use?

 This product is not something new and has been used in Taiwan since 30 years ago.  All the while this has been marketed in the UK, Europe and some parts of Asia.  This is just brought into Malaysia recently and we are happy to be part of their sustainability program.


7.    Will blood be easily removed?

 Yes.  Just soak in normal temperature water.  Your underwear will come out clean without having to scrub.


8.    Do we need to use bleach with Puritee Stainoff?

 Please do not add bleach to Puritee Stainoff  as firstly bleach is chlorine based chemical and secondly, there is no need to as Puritee Stainoff itself can do the job.


9.    Can we use Puritee Stainoff with hot water?

      Yes, but the temperature must not exceed 40oC.


10. How do we store Puritee Stainoff?


 i.           Do not dissolve Puritee Stainoff in water and then place in a sealed container.  The oxygen produced may cause the container to burst.

                ii.           Keep the product dry and sealed after each use to avoid clumping.

                iii.          Do not store under direct sunlight and do keep out of reach of children.


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