FAQs (Puritee Assist)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How can Puritee Assist remove dirt, oil & sweat odour without foaming?

Puritee Assist comprises Glauber’s salt and bicarbonate of soda.

These are biodegradable ingredients that are effective cleansing agents.  Puritee Assist does not contain any chemical foaming agents, surfactants, additives nor fragrances. 

This is the first foam free detergent formula used in the World.


2.   Does Puritee Assist contain any bulking agents e.g. saw dust etc.



3.   Why do we need Puritee Assist when we are already using the Biocera Green Laundry Balls?

Good question.  There is actually no need to use any detergents with the Biocera Laundry Balls.  For some of us who are conditioned to use cleansing agents to our washes, adding some to Laundry Ball washes can bring comfort to us. Just add a little.


4.   Will my clothes discolour if I use Puritee Assist for washing?

No.  But for clothes where the dye quality is unstable, the colour may come out.  This would apply to all cleaning agents.  So the best alternative is to separate light coloured clothes from coloured clothes when washing.


5.   Is this gentle enough for babies clothes and lingerie?

Absolutely.  Puritee Assist absolutely does not contain any common harsh chemicals used in detergents.  Gentle on everything.  This product is essentially nontoxic or hazardous. Fully biodegradable & is even safe in the aquatic environment.


6.   How long has this been in use?

This product is not something new and has been used in Taiwan some 30 years ago.  All the while this has been marketed in the UK, Europe and some parts of Asia.  This is just brought into Malaysia recently and we are happy to be part of their sustainability program.


7.   How do we store Puritee Assist?

As Puritee Assist does not actually look like ordinary soap powder, do not store this with foodstuffs or it may be accidentally consumed.

As with all cleaning agents, they are to be kept out of reach of children.  


8.   Why is a shaker used to pack the Puritee Assist?

Although using a shaker is an added cost to us, we did not pass this down to you as we are firm about our commitment to sustainability.

We try to reduce the use of single use plastics.  Once the Puritee Assist is finished, the shaker can be reused for other purposes.  Do not discard.


9.   Why do you sell the Puritee Assist in such small quantities?  

We understand that most detergents are sold by the kilograms, so our 500 gms may look little.  There is a reason for this.  Like we mentioned earlier, Puritee Assist is added to assist the Biocera Green Laundry Balls in washes.  ½ a spoon is enough.  We do not want to encourage to use spoonfuls of it as this is mere wastage. 

If used by itself without the Biocera Green Laundry Balls, a normal washing machine load of 7 – 8 Kgs of laundry would only require 1 spoonful.


As 1 spoonful is equivalent to 30gms, this would mean that the 500 gms can go for at least 150 – 160 washes. 

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