FAQs (Pandan Leaf Powder)

Frequently Asked Questions

Pandan Leaf Powder

1. How is the powder produced?

The leaves are first of all juiced and then freeze dried in a HACCP environment to ensure efficacy of the product. This product is produced by the same manufacturer of the Blue Pea Butterfly Powder.

2. What is the weight of the Pandan Powder being sold per packet?

It comes in a 50gram compacted and vacuum pack. This is 50gms of 100% pure pandan, no additives, colouring, preservatives nor any other stuff.
3. Why is the Pandan powder so costly?
This is not costly as this is air flown from Australia. In Australia this is sold at a retail price of AUD55/pack. Further just for information, 100kgs of Pandan leaves can only produce 10kgs of the powder.

4. Why buy the powder when compared to the fresh leaves?

Buying the powder cuts down work and increases efficiency in food preparation. In the normal process, to make Pandan leaf extract, you have to get a handful of leaves, wash them, slice and then and blend to release the juices. These juices will then have to be extracted using a cheese cloth. How cumbersome and time consuming!
In the case of the powder, all you have to do is to scoop and use. So easy.

5. How do we store the Pandan powder and what is the shelf life?

Once opened the Pandan powder have to be stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place away from sun light. This if properly stored can last 2 years.

6. How do we use the Pandan powder on open wounds?

The Pandan powder can be mixed with water into a paste. Apply the paste on the wound. This acts as an antiseptic , kills bacteria and prevents infection.

7. Heard that Pandan can also be used to prevent gum diseases? How can this be?

The Pandan powder can be made into a paste and then rubbed onto the gums. Leave for a while before rinsing. This not only leaves a pleasant fragrance in the mouth but will help to promote strong and healthy gums.

8. Who can drink Pandan powder tea?

The Pandan powder can be made into a tea and is safe for consumption by children as well as pregnant ladies. Excessive consumption may cause diarrhoea as it also works as a gentle laxative. Hence drinking Pandan powder tea may relieve constipation. Drinking Pandan powder tea is highly nutritive as it is high in chlorophyll and hence is a powerful antioxidant.
It is claimed that drinking Skin conditions can also be treated with Pandan leaves such as tinea versicolor. This is a fungus which discolours the skin. Drinking the juice from the leaves will be able to treat this.
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