FAQs (Biocera BCW-500 One Touch AHA Water Purifier)

Frequently Asked Questions

Biocera BCW-500 One Touch AHA Water Purifier

1. What are the features of the BCW 500?

i. Changes polluted tap water to antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water.
ii. Supplies more than 30 types of total dissolved solids such as Ca, K, Na, Mg etc.  These minerals cause our body to produce natural bicarbonates which maintain the proper pH for maximum cell activity.
iii. Softens the taste of water and makes fast absorption into our body as the water molecule clusters are smaller. Normal water molecules cluster in groups of 11 – 16 molecules. The Biocera water has been ionized to break large molecules in a process called micro-clustering. This reduces water clusters into groups of 5 -6.

iv. Eliminates bacteria, viruses & harmful chemicals.

v. Inhibits bacterial growth after purification.

vi. Removes chlorine.

vii.  Negative ions & FIR energy.

2. Do we require electrical supply to power the system?

No, the BCW 500 system can be connected directly to the tap without the use of electricity. Eco and cost savings.

3. What are the filters that are used for the BCW500 and the frequency of replacement?

4 filters are used for the BCW 500 namely:
Sediment + carbon block filter
This filter completely removes impurities, small organic matters, oxidized substances such as rust, dirt, sand and chlorine.
Lifespan : around 6 months if the water quality is no good. Up to 9 months if water quality is better.
UF Filter
This filter has 0.01 to 0.001 micron holes and they filter impurities, bacteria and dust particles but leaves essential minerals.
Lifespan : 12 months
Biocera antioxidant alkaline water filter
The filter changes water into antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water
Lifespan : 12 – 18 months
Bio post carbon filter
Removes residual impurities and smell. The far infrared ceramic balls helps to detoxify the body and accelerates metabolism.
Lifespan : 9 – 12 months


4. How do we replace the filters?

i. Place the system on its back.
ii. Use a coin or knife to lift up the flap.
iii. Choose the relevant filter that is required to be changed
iv. Twist the knob at the top to ‘Open’. Lift up and pull out the filter.
v. Replace. Turn back the knob and push back to original position.
vi. Put the flap back into position. Make sure you hear a ‘click’ sound.
vii. Place the system back in the vertical position.

5. Why is the system expensive?

There is no other system which can be cheaper than BCW500 which can provide antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water at such a price. It costs approximately RM8/day for unlimited usage of the water during the first year of investment. From the second year onwards and assuming that you only need to change the 1st, 2nd and 3rd filters, then it goes down to only RM1/day for water full of goodness.
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