FAQs (Intense Gorgeous Firmatika Cream)

Frequently Asked Questions

Intense Gorgeous Firmatika Cream

1. Is this cream made of natural ingredients are free from banned substances??

         Intense Gorgeous Firmatika Cream is made from a blend of natural ingredients and have been laboratory tested to be free from heavy metals and banned substances. The cream has been in the market for at least 10 years and have been granted a Notification by the Ministry of Health.

2. Can the cream be applied on the face?

          Yes, this cream has been formulated for the face but eventually used more for the breast are due to the fantastic lifting effect. For the face, it is an all in one:   natural whitening, lifting, UV protection, moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, improves skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle.  You do not need to buy a plethora of creams for specific purposes.

3. Can this cream get rid of the dark pigmentation under the arm-pits and groin area?

          Yes, we had received positive response from our customers in this area.
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