FAQs (San-Air Air Purifier Gel)

Frequently Asked Questions

San-Air Air Purifier Gel

1. What is considered good air quality?

         Indoor air quality standards AS 3666.3 requires levels of bacteria and mold to be below 150 colonies per 1000 litres of air to ensure adequate indoor air health.
         San-Air has been proven and independently tested to achieve below this level.


2. What causes ‘sick office syndrome’?

           People as well as the environment bring mold, viruses and bacteria into indoor space and that is where the contamination starts. This is especially prevalent in enclosed indoor spaces like bedrooms, toilets and offices with poor or little ventilation. Spaces with good ventilation may not be any better. In most cases, the situation is aggravated by air-conditioning which circulates untreated air with viruses, bacteria and mold, causing sicknesses.


3. How do we know that the San-Air Air Purifer Gel is effective?

         San-Air air purifier products have been proven to decrease indoor bio-burden to levels well below current Australian standards AS 3666 3 for indoor air. The Authorities that have approved San-Air products include TGA, APVMA, EC, FDA, USEPA, Thai FDA, Malaysia MOH and Austrade.
         Fast acting in low dosages of 0.0002% to 0.0007%. It evaporates in the return air of your air conditioning system, removing 99+% of airborne bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites and odour.


4. Is the San-Air Air Purifier Gel safe to inhale & touch?

         The Gel is made up of 100% certified natural active ingredients, biodegradable, absence of toxic volatiles & chemicals and suitable for use in food preparation areas.


5. How does the Gel work? Explained:

  1. Molds travel in the air independently or on particles such as dust. As it travels, it continues to release spores. San-Air Air Purifier Gel surrounds the mold and the spores are blocked from receiving oxygen. They die without leaving mycotoxins.
  2. Bacteria travel in the air independently or on particles such as dust. San- Air Air Purifier Gel surrounds the bacteria, disrupts its membrane, stopping the bacteria’s ability to reproduce.
  3. Viruses need to attach to a host such as bacteria in order to survive and multiply. The Gel surrounds the virus and stops it from being able to attach to the host, causing the virus to die naturally.


6. Is it true that San-Air Air Purifier Gel can kill the Covid-19 virus?

         The 75gm bottle will last approximately 2 months and the 100gm, 3 months or until the gel dries up.
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