FAQs (The Laureate Bird’s Nest)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Laureate Bird’s Nes

1. Why is consuming edible bird’s nest produced by swiftlets considered to be beneficial?

Edible birds nest, an expensive functional food, have been consumed thousands of years by the Chinese and is known for beauty and skin cell rejuvenation then. It does contain Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) that helps in the growth and repair of cells Beauty aside, currently, studies have shown that it is a miraculous remedy for nourishing the lungs cures phlegm, replenishes energy and improving immunity. Birds nest is also good for the stomach, kidneys and brains. Bird nest have also been considered for the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

2. What is the component in edible bird’s nest that gives such great benefits?

Edible bird’s a large amount of protein (55%) and 18 different amino acids. Of special mention is Sialic acid (9%). This is only available in higher concentrations in colostrum or the first ten days of breast milk production and the edible portion of the bird’s nest.

3. What does Sialic acid do?

Sialic acids effectively promote the development of functional and repair of cells especially nerve cells. In fact, the membrane of brain cells contains 20x more sialic acid than other types of membranes. Studies on sialic acid extract have shown that it increases active mitochondrial activity which is especially vital for neuron based activity. With such studies, pregnant ladies who consume edible bird’s nest during the ingestion period are found to have great effects on the baby’s brain cell development.

4. What has consuming edible bird’s nest to do with Covid-19?

A recent study by UKM had indicated that the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of edible bird’s nest has a great impact in influenza and Covid-19 infections. Very little studies have been done on this but theirs indicated that:
  1. the existing host calls reduces viral replication
  2. secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines
  3. reorientate the cytoskeletion of infected cells
  4. increase the lysosomal degradation of viral materials.
For further reading on this matter please go to “The anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of edible bird’s nest in Influenza and Coronavirus infections: From clinical to potential Clinical applications”

5. Is the Laureate bird’s nest extract safe to consume?

Unlike traditional preparation of edible bird’s nest which uses tweezers, hands and bleach to extract fine hairs and debris, the Laureate uses biotechnology for extraction with no bleach involved. For every kilogram of quality raw bird’s nest, 240 litres of Reverse Osmosis water is used. After which the mixture is ultra-filtered using an electromagnetic field to remove fine feather and debris as well as sodium nitrite. Sodium nitrite is naturally found in bird’s nest due to fermentation under certain temperature, humidity and environmental contamination. Laureate bird’s nest extract only contains 100% of the sialic acid extract together with all the other 17 amino acids. It is 100% water-soluble bird’s nest peptide and polysaccharides. Totally safe and tested with no cytotoxicity. Nitrite and heavy metals are completely removed.


6. How is the beneficial sialic acid absorbed by our cells?

The traditional way of double boiling the bird’s nest is not only tedious but absorption of the sialic acid is only 5% of the 9% available. The Laureate’s bird’s nest is better absorbed as it has gone through a process of breaking the water clusters into smaller clusters on average (3000 Daltons) for better absorption. Further, The Laureate’s bird’s nest is processed under low heat and freeze-dried to preserve its active ingredients. In total, the end product is 100% water-soluble.


7. How do we consume Laureate’s bird’s nest?

The Laureate’s bird’s nest comes in vials of 7 in a box. It is recommended to drink this early in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. First time users of the Laureate’s bird’s nest are suggested to them for 2 consecutive weeks for maximum benefits. You will be able to see and feel the difference. After that you can take it for maintenance say once a week or 2. In this regard, we have a promotional offer for first time users; buy one with the next box at 50% off.


8. How do we store the Laureate’s bird’s nest?

Storage should be in a cool place without direct sun. Preferably in the refrigerator if the consumer only consumes once in a while.

9. Is it preservatives free?

It is guaranteed to be free from preservatives and bleaching agents.

10. Is this safe for babies and children?

Yes. Reduce the dosage to half a bottle.
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