Biocera Green Laundry Ball

- Laundry without detergent & softener
- Anti bacterial
- Non toxic, non carcinogenic
- Eco-friendly
- Reduce waste water
- Prevent residue buildup in the washing machine
- Lasts up to 1000 washes and therefore cost savings


A revolutionary way to do your laundry. You can now have an allergen, chemical detergent free laundry, while saving money and doing your part in protecting the environment!

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Puritee – Natural Soaps

– Totally soap
– Free from harmful chemicals e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate, etc
– No colouring
– Can be used on face, body as well as hair
– Great for sensitive skin, even safe for babies
– Home made

We in are passionate about living naturally with nature and building a like-minded community focused on the a sustainable lifestyle. One of our main focus would therefore be on eco friendly products. Puritee Natural Soaps is one of them. We have currently 4 types of soap:

1. Oatmeal – good for sensitive skin and can be used for rashes, itchy skin as well as ezema
2. Moroccan Clay – can be used on sensitive skin and makes the skin soft and silky
3. Tumeric – Good for pimples and sensitive skin. Better for the face
4. Rose bud – Antioxidant and comes with a pleasant rose scent

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Puritee Stainoff


  • Fragrance free
  • Foam free
  • No residue
  • Guaranteed gentle on skin
  • Green formula & biodegradable
  • Great for baby clothes & lingerie
  • Great partner to Biocera Laundry Balls when clothes
    require some assistance from detergents.

In line with our philosophy of sustaining a better world, we relentlessly search for green products that will not harm us nor our environment.  Sourced from Taiwan, Puritee Assist just fits into this philosophy of ours.

This is the first foam free laundry green cleanser that can remove dirt & sweat odour.  Already widely used in the UK, Europe & some parts of Asia.

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