Biocera BCW-500 One Touch Antioxidant Alkaline Mineral Water Purifier



– Eliminates bacteria, virus & harmful chemicals
– Inhibits bacterial growth after purification
– No heavy metals but with minerals; calcium, magnesium, potassium etc
– minerals cause our body to produce natural bicarbonates which maintain the proper pH for maximum cell activity.
– Removal of chlorine
– Water restructuring to smaller clusters
– Ions & FIR energy
– No electricity required

Diet, stress and exposure to toxins have great influence on our bodies; much of the food we eat and the beverages we drink lower the body’s pH and accelerate damage to body tissues, which results in poor health and premature aging.  Ordinary water is not helpful at all, because the normal water we drink these days is laden with toxins and treated with so many chemicals.

The BCW-500 Biocera Antioxidant Alkaline Mineral Water System guarantees 100% ionized water that has an alkaline pH of 9.5, with a oxidation reduction potential of – 300mV, contains sufficient minerals (TDS of 85 ppm) and with anti-bacterial and anti-chlorine functions.  Without the need for an electrical connection, antioxidant alkaline mineralised water is produced naturally without creating microwave water radicals.  BCW 500 is an efficient and economical way to enjoy such great water.

Normal water molecules cluster in groups of 11 to 16 molecules.  In Biocera water, ionization breaks up the large molecules in a process called micro-clustering. This reduces water molecule clusters into groups of 5 to 6.  Micro-clustered water is easy for the body to absorb, allowing faster and better hydration.

Biocera Water with minerals cause our body to produce natural bicarbonates which maintain the proper pH for maximum cell activity.

The dissolved molecular gas which is a gas with very unique and selective antioxidant effects, targets free radicals.   It works primarily by improving and optimizing the redox status of our body cells.  Not only does molecular gas selectively reduce free radicals but it can prevent an excess build up of free radicals.

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